“ As judge, Craig Towson will decide each case on its merits,
strictly follow the law and constitution, and never be a
politician in a robe. Parker County citizens will be lucky to
have him on the bench.”

  – Tim Ford, Former District Attorney

“ Craig Towson is conservative, he’s respected by the local
legal community, and he’s a good family man who shares
the concerns of Parker County residents. Republican voters
can cast their ballot for Craig with ease.”

  – Pat Martin

“ Craig Towson’s conservative philosophy, knowledge of the
law and professional demeanor make him the most qualified
candidate in the race.”

  – Charlie Gilchrest, Southwest Ford

“ I’ve known Craig Towson for years and trust him to be a
great judge for Parker County. Craig has lived here most
of his life, he’s raised his family here, and as a judge he will
make us proud.”

  – Bob Glenn, PlainsCapital Bank

“ Law enforcement and citizens concerned about crime have
a friend in Craig Towson. I am proud to support him and
urge other citizens to vote for Craig.”

  – Bob Brown, Constable Precinct Four

“ Craig Towson has been my lawyer for many years and we
can trust him to follow the law, not his own agenda.”

  – Bill Kiker, Local Businessman

“ Craig is a well-respected member of the county and will work hard for us as our judge. I encourage you to vote for Craig.”

  – Tom Pritchard, President of the Texas Retired Teacher’s Foundation

“ When I have someone who needs help, I send them to Craig
Towson because I know he will guide them in the right
direction while incorporating God’s Word. A vote for Craig
will ensure our community has a true believer with both ethical and Christian values on the bench.”

  – Pastor John Conway, Pastor of Hilltop Family Church

“ Craig Towson will help law enforcement keep the streets safe
and free of crime. I am proud to support him and urge other citizens to vote for Craig.”

  – Captain Gary Beavers, Parker County Reserve Unit & Local Businessman

“ I have known Craig Towson and his family for many years.
Craig knows what is right and wrong, and I hope you will
join me in voting for Craig.”

  – Pat Hamilton, PlainsCapital Bank

“ In the years I have known Craig Towson, I have found him
to be an honorable, conservative man that shares the values
of this community and will be the best choice for judge.”

  – Mike Farnam, Farnam Landscapes

“ I have worked with Craig Towson on many occasions, and have always found Craig to be knowledgeable and conscientious about his work. Please help me in supporting Craig for judge.”

  – Jerry Walker, CPA

“ Craig is definitely the right man for judge, a man of integrity with a strong sense of right and wrong.”

  – Jay Novacek, Retired NFL player

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